Round face and Long face people's are the luckiest people.Any hairstyle will suit them. Especially for round face, the secret to gorgeous hairstyle is to deflect the roundness of your face.

 If you have round face and decided to opt shorter hairstyle, then here are the fabulous hairstyles that will be looking better for round face.

Blonde Bob

When I think of Short hairstyles the only hairstyle comes to my mind is Bob hairstyle.This shoulder length hairstyle has its own beauty.This is the great hairstyle which suits for medium length hairstyle and round face.

You can do this hairstyle in your home.
Start with dry and clean hair and part the hair into two side.
Use the curling iron to curl the bottom of your hair  to give rolled look. 
Curl the top section of your hair away from face.To have feathered look, flick the end of the top hair.

Short and Wavy

If you are having curly,it;s easy to style your hair. According to me curly short hairstyle is more elegant than straight haircut.If you want to wear wavy hairstyle,then you can go with layered haircut.You can also try fringes which will add beauty to your face.

Edgy Hairstyle

Some hairstyle can make round face look as chubby face. If you don;t like chubby face, then you must choose a hairstyle that make your face look slimmer.Modern pixie cut is the best haircut for round hairstyle.
Hope you like the ideas and try it. Be gorgeous.
Have you ever looked at someone skin and think how do they get such flawless,clear skin. Getting clear skin is not that much as tough as you think.

It's just easy if you follow few simple things everyday. Lets see the routines which makes your skin flawless.

1 Drink Water

The answer to all kind of skin problem has just one phrase- Drink Water. Water is essential for our body and skin cells. Water helps us to be hydrated. Drinking lot of water can help you to get out of every problem that your skin have. So, Drink enough water.

2 Cleansing and Moisturizing

Our skin tends to be easily polluted by dusts in environment.In our polluted environment, cleansing the skin is most important.cleanse and exfoliate your skin twice a day. If you don't have exfoliator in your home.I will just tell you an excellent home made exfoliator. Get some sugar and water. Mix it well until you get thick paste. Rub it on your face on circular motion fro 30 - 40 seconds.This is your exfoliator.

3 Wash Off Your Makeup

Give your makeup a holiday. Don't just wear makeup all the days.Makeup clogs your pores which may lead to spots. Don't fill your face with cake of makeup. Don't ever forget to wash off your makeup before going to bed. Don't ever be lazy to remove your makeup. Washing your face before you sleep can make miracles.

4 Cut Out Junks

So much of oily foods tends to produce pimple on your face. Cut out the junk foods as much as possible. Avoid the foods with bad fats, processed sugar and alcohol. Eat green veggies and take vitamin c which is so good for skin.

5 Exercise

Healthy skin is just another part of healthy body.Exercise helps you to metabolise. Exercising not only helpful for body but also for your skin. Exercise helps you to remove toxic acid from your body.

6 Sleep

The body cells renew itself at every night. Your body repair itself  more at night than day. Getting enough sleep is the key for better skin. If you are having dark circle then you must be lagging in sleeping. Get 8 hour sleep everyday.

7 Rub Your Face with Ice

The water is the key to your pores. Hot water unlocks and cold water locks. wash your face with water and rub ice cubes on your face. It will freshens your skin.
Do this everyday and I am sure you will get better results. Hope to hear feedback from you.
           When I see bold lip colors in advertisement or in beauty editorial, I always used to think why don't I give them a try. As a beauty blogger i must experiment with different color before posting here.
        Here is the list of color that I tried and will suit you better in this spring 2014. Spring is all about bold, bright and fun loving. I am sure you will rock in these bold colors of lipstick.
Radiant Orchid:
             When I think bold, the very first color coming to my mind is radiant orchid which is bold and elegant. I am sure the color is so much pretty and you don't need to have other make up in orchid shade If the lipstick is paired with perfect makeup, I m sure you will rock.

Another gorgeous lipstick color is orange. I recommend M.a.C Lipstick in Morange.  If  you want to try out bold lip colors then morange would be better starter for you.
 For this lip color also, you don't need to wear any extra orange shaded makeup as the color is already brighter.
   You may feel witch if i asked you to wear black color lipstick. But if you are looking alternative for your old boring lipstick shade, black would be fun and exciting color to wear.  Makeup is all about having fun. If the lipstick is paired with perfect makeup, I m sure you will rock.

Although the colors some colors are not suitable for office environment, but you can give them a try when you are at home or while you going to the party. Hope you liked the daring experiment with colors.
                         Lip gloss is one of the essential beauty routine of all the time. Lip gloss gives your lips a glossy look and it's often comes as soft liquid. Here I ll tell how to make lip gloss at home in simple way.

               You can use petroleum jelly to prepare lip gloss which is the easiest way or else you can also prepare lip gloss without using petroleum jelly. In here I will tell you how to prepare lip gloss with petroleum jelly.  Let's start.

Making Lip Gloss With Petroleum Jelly 
                     As I already said, Making lip gloss with petroleum jelly is the easiest way. You just need few household ingredients for this.
Ingredients are,
             Petroleum jelly or Vaseline
             An empty container to make lip gloss
             A Toothpick to mix the lip gloss
             Any color of lipstick of your choice. You can also use eye shadow, blush or any pigment  as pigment.
             A spoon of honey
             Flavor or scent
Making Method
Step 1: 

            Petroleum jelly is the basic ingredient of your lip gloss. You can take as much as petroleum jelly you want. You can take even entire container of Vaseline. It depends upon how much of lip gloss you want. If you think your petroleum jelly is too hard, the microwave it for 30-40 seconds.
Step 2: 
              Now its time to add some lipstick. Take the favorite color of your lipstick and shave it off. The amount of lipstick is also depends upon the shade you want. But use a moisturized lipstick so as the mixing processing becomes easy.
Step 3:
                Add petroleum jelly and lipstick in a container. Mix it with a tooth pick or you can use back of your tooth brush to mix. You can also add few drops of extract. Try vanilla, rose, almond, lavender or any other your favorite.

Step 4:
                    Now add a spoon of honey. Honey is helpful for moisturizing your lips and will keep them from drying out. If you don't want to add honey you can skip this step and your lip gloss will still be shiny.
Step 5:
This is the final step. Stir up well till the contents gets mixed well. here is it. you have made the lip gloss with simple ingredient and with easy method.

This lip gloss will be so much softer. The best way to apply is to use your finger. Hope you do it in your home and give me your feedback.
Want to change your hair color this year? Then we have suggestion of hottest hair color of this year. check out and find out the color that suits you best.

Platinum Blonde:

                 The most hottest hair color of this year 2014 would be platinum blonde. Many famous celebrities has worn this color for years. If you have pale color skin tone and  this look will work great for you.

Ombre Hair color:

                   Ombre hair color is the rocking hair color red carpet. Red, pink, brown shades ombre colors has always has its elegant.

Radiant Orchid:

                 Orchid is already making its transition from runway to red carpet as we move into 2014. It combines pink, purple and fuchsia tones to create the color.Radiant complements many different skin tones. I think many celebrities will prefer radiant orchid color this year.

Rose Gold

                    Rose gold has made a great comeback in this year. Rachel McAdam has taken her soft red, and kicked it up a notch by adding golden color throughout. This look will work for anyone with light or medium skin tone.

Silver/Gray color

                   Silver color is also the color which carries from 2013 to 2014.You can wear this color in many different ways. The hair can be pulled in blonde, blue or gray.

Auburn Hair color:

               Auburn is one the most popular hair color in 2014. auburn is traditionally blend of red and brown but eventually you can also blend pink or purple.

Celebrate this year with new hair color and stunning look. Have a great year!!!