How To Do Poof Ponytail

Poof ponytail has always been the favorite of super models.  It is one of the casual and easiest hairstyle. Follow these simple steps to achieve poof ponytail.

Step1 :
             Start with clean and not fresh clean hair means that one or two days of post washing is perfect for this hairstyle. 
Step 2:
            Pull the front section of your around the top of your scalp and comb the hair forward toward your head.

           Back comb or tease the hair you are holding. Gently comb the hair at least 10 or 12 times. When you are done, flip the hair back into place and pin it. Smooth the outer surface of your hair.
Step 4:
             Use the brush to smooth the underneath hair. Gather the remaining hair in your  hand. Combine the hair and hold the hair with ponytail holder and finally spray the hair.