7 Hottest Short hairstyle Celebrities 2013

           Short hairstyle is trending everywhere. Everyone is opting for it Hollywood celebrities are not exception.It is the most and unique haircut. Here is the 7 Hottest short hair styled celebrities of 2013.
1. Charlize Theron:

           When Charlize Theron came to Oscar with her short haircut, everyone was astonished. Without no doubt the haircut shows off her beauty perfectly.

2.. Miley Cyrus:

             Miley Cyrus made the bold move by cutting hair into shorter and shorter. She don't have idea to grow her hair back. She says," I could never see myself with long hair again" . Now, she is the trend setter. We love her bold style. 
3.. Halle Berry:

              Halle berry signature pixie become more famous. Halle berry said,"I love short hair that’s me, that’s who I am. I  feel confident and feel like my best self when I have short hair".
4. Michelle Williams:

               Michelle William haircut become the most requested hairstyle in saloons of U.S, Elle magazine states. It is the cutest haircut she ever made. She said,"I've really grown into it. I feel like myself with short hair. And it's been a really long time since I had long hair, five years".
5. Janet Jackson:

                Janet Jackson has the unique and stylish look. The haircut refreshed her look. She looks better than ever short pixie cut.
6. Evan Rachel Wood:

                 Evan Rachel Wood also joined the short hair cut celebrities.But, It gives her a new look. WE couldn't even recognize her when she comes to "True Blood - Season 4" Premiere.She said,"I am more like the guy when it comes to girls.I'm the dominant one.I'm opening doors and I'm Romantic" to the men's magazine.
7. Rihanna:

Rihanna Switched her hairstyle from long to short and sharp edgy hairstyle. Rihanna looks best in the short pixie haircut.

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