The Best Indian Wedding Hairstyles That You Must Check

                 Indian wedding hairstyles are very unique and known for their beauty and elegance. Not all the Indian marriage styles are same. They differ according to the state, culture and etc. Each state or community have different unique marriage style and hairstyle. Here are the best Indian wedding hairstyles.

Traditional South Indian Braid:
                Most of the south Indian people are going for braided hairstyle when it’s coming for marriage because it gives you the traditional and elegant look. If you want the traditional style of marriage, then the braided hairstyle will be perfect for you. You can add more beauty by adding jewels and flowers to your braid.

                The hair is parted in the middle and braided and added with jewels and flowers. It goes well with the saree.

Bun Hairstyle:
                Another traditional hairstyle is beautiful buns. The hair is pulled off and twisted as bun. You can also adorn with flowers and jewels. It goes well with saree and lehenga.

Side Bun:
             You can have the variation in bun. Side buns are also the best. Instead of center of the head, the bun is moved to side part of the head.

              You can also pull only the small part of the hair and form bun and leave the remaining hair as curled. It gives you the fantastic modern look blended with traditional bun.

The Simple Look:
               The simple look is always the hot trend.  It is simple, elegant and easy to get done.

 If you are going fro the simple look, then you must choose the perfect accessories. You can also have the magnificent curled look.

                    If you don’t want to go with the usual hairstyle, then the updo style will be great for you. It adds volume to your hair. Pick the upper part of the hair and style it as bun and leave the remaining hair at back. You can also curl the back for glamorous look.


Chignon Hairstyle:
                    It is the quite modern and trendy upcoming hairstyle. It is one of the most flaunted hairstyle of this year. It gives you the perfect style and modern look.

Wavy Hairstyle:

                     If you are having the long hair, then wavy hairstyle will be perfect for you. Long wavy hairstyle makes you look more glamour and trendy.. It is graceful and gives you the feminine look and you will be the centre of attraction.

Hairstyle with Tiara:

           Add up your wedding glam by adding beautiful tiara. You can add tiara to any type of hairstyle I described here. It goes with all hairstyles perfectly. You can choose your tiara in diamond, sapphire, silver or pearls or any stones you love.